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Our Team

Edmond Ng’walago

is a founder at Ng’wala inventions Company in Tanzania. He is among international outstanding group always driven with passion as in 2016,he rejected two employment offers in transport sector and joined Youth Agripreneur Incubation at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture in Tanzania.

Ms. Roseline Nandi Okoma

is a director of operations a young researcher with passion in the field of Organic agriculture and agro ecology. Driven towards advocating and empowering the society in Organic Agriculture, sustainable biodiversity conservation and agro ecological practices in strengthening the resilience of agricultural business, fostering long-term and sustainable

Dr. Nteranya Saginga

is our business advisor and General Director of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, the organization that helps small farmers to fight hunger with its head quarter in Nigeria. He is among outstanding group of International Directors with 10 years of experience as a global mentor in agribusiness and more than 25 years of experience in Agriculture Research.

Engineer Chanda Chalwe

is a Quality Control Manger. She has Master of Science in Energy Policy from Pan African University in Algeria. She has 3 years of experience in Renewable Energy for Sustainable Agriculture and 2 years of experience in Agro-Input infrastructure development working in Zambia and Tanzania.

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