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Welcome Ng'wala invenstions

Join 200,000+ small holder farmers using our bio pesticides and bio fertilizer produced locally and supplied by digital systems. Enabled them to increase yields and income, alleviate hunger, fight poverty and malnutrition while protecting their health, climate change and environmental conservation.

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About Us

Ng’wala Inventions was established in 2019 to solve agribusiness challenges, environment pollution, climate change and human health effects by offering smart agribusiness solution and replacing uses of chemical pesticides and fertilizer with its unique produce bio-pesticide and bio-fertilizer. Ensuring their availability and accessibility to small holder farmers.We have innovated a digital distribution system using community shared digital tanks connected with prepaid meters allowing farmers to pay for the product using mobile money services; Thus conserving the environment by rejecting the use of packages/bottles. The company is registered in Tanzania with it’s headquarter at Kibaha Pwani carrying its operation in East African countries. Since its establishment we have helped more than 200,000 small holder farmers from East Africa countries increasing yields and income while conserving the environment and protecting their health. Currently the company is implementing its projects such as digital manufacturing and distributing of bio-pesticides to small holder farmers, Smart agribusiness skills to empower youth and young mothers, Commercial organic rabbit farming with its value chain. The projects are implemented in partnership with Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology, French Embassy in Tanzania, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, African Development Bank, National Economic Empowerment Council and Venture Cup Denmark. .


To offer the leading organic products and digital services that facilitates agricultural solutions to hunger, poverty, environment and health in Africa.


The lead organic producer, facilitating the production and use of organic farm input and output for sustainable agribusiness in Africa.


Respect and Dignity. Time management. Environmentalism. Passion. Commitment. Innovation Technology. Competence. Service to others.

Our Team

Edmond Ng’walago

is a founder at Ng’wala inventions Company in Tanzania. He is among international outstanding group always driven with passion as in 2016,he rejected two employment offers in transport sector and joined Youth Agripreneur Incubation at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture in Tanzania.

Ms. Roseline Nandi Okoma

is a director of operations a young researcher with passion in the field of Organic agriculture and agro ecology. Driven towards advocating and empowering the society in Organic Agriculture, sustainable biodiversity conservation and agro ecological practices in strengthening the resilience of agricultural business, fostering long-term and sustainable

Dr. Nteranya Saginga

is our business advisor and General Director of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, the organization that helps small farmers to fight hunger with its head quarter in Nigeria. He is among outstanding group of International Directors with 10 years of experience as a global mentor in agribusiness and more than 25 years of experience in Agriculture Research.

Engineer Chanda Chalwe

is a Quality Control Manger. She has Master of Science in Energy Policy from Pan African University in Algeria. She has 3 years of experience in Renewable Energy for Sustainable Agriculture and 2 years of experience in Agro-Input infrastructure development working in Zambia and Tanzania.

Our Products

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Listed below our awesome vets and testimonials and clients!

“I see zero hunger by 2030. For all 20 years I have been harvesting 1 ton of maize grain from my one acre farm but last year (2020) after starting using Ng’wa biopesticides and Crop growth Enhancer yields have doubled to 2 tones. Thanks to Ng’wala Inventions”.

Tazi Kafuku from Burundi

“God is greater we find it impossible to small holder farmers shifting from $2 to $5 but after starting using Ng’wa biopesticides and crop Growth Enhancer the cost of production has decreased by 40% and yields have increased by 50%.”

Otieno otieno from kenya

“Let technology take its position. For almost 31 years I have been stressed receiving agro input too late but since 2020, I am enjoying farming by accessing bio- pesticides and bio-fertilizer digitally from community shared digital tanks installed around our farms.”

Rehema iddi from mkuranga


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Kibaha Tanzania




  • We have helped more than 200,000 small holder farmers from East Africa increasing yields and income shifting from living under $ 2 to $5 per day.
  • We have reduced 50% human and environment effect cases of chemical exposure of pesticides in East Africa promoting fully participation in agribusiness activities.
  • We are the first company in Africa to establish digital distribution systems of bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizer using community shared digital tanks installed at potential identified agribusiness centers allowing small holder farmers accessing bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizer at lowest price on time paying using mobile money services.
  • We have created a total of 16 full time and part time jobs at our organic pesticides and fertilizer processing center.
  • We have prevented environment pollution avoiding 500,000 small empty pesticides containers which equals to the weight of 80 elephants from polluting farm land by innovating digital distribution farm input technology.

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