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Ng’wala Inventions Limited is the private company registered in Tanzania 2019, to provide sustainable
solutions in agribusiness, health and environment challenges in Africa and the world. The company is
located in Kibaha Pwani near small and large scale farms. The company is lead with a team of bold
experience and passion young social entrepreneurs who considers challenges as opportunities. The
company has received National and International Entrepreneurship Awards as recognition of its
contribution to the society in the following ways;

i/ Manufactures bio-pesticide using organic waste delivering it to small holder farmers through digital
ii/ Digital supply technology helping small holder farmers to access farm inputs (organic pesticides)
within their premises with little amount of money.
iii/ Provides online and physical agribusiness training to small holder farmers, already trained more than
1000 and they are successfully.
iv/ Running commercial rabbit farming where we are processing rabbit meat, making rabbit shoes &
shirts using rabbit skin, processing rabbit urine to biopesticide and processing rabbit drops to manure.
v/ Emergency Project; Reduce stress on COVID 19 patients and non patients through created online
counseling platform, already cancelled more than 20 and have recovered.

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