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Agricultural Consulting

Expert advice and strategies for impleme ...more

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Training sessions and workshops on the u ...more

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Why Us

Effective Organic Solutions

Our products are renowned for their effectiveness in pest management and crop enhancement, utilizing organic ingredients that promote healthier plants without harmful chemicals

Commitment to Sustainability

We prioritize sustainable farming practices, offering solutions that minimize environmental impact while maximizing agricultural yields. Our approach supports eco-conscious consumers and businesses seeking to reduce their carbon footprint

Innovation and Reliability

Backed by cutting-edge research and development, NGWALA Inventions continuously innovates to meet the evolving needs of modern agriculture. Our reliable solutions are trusted by farmers worldwide for their consistency and performance

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Ngwala Inventions

NGWALA Inventions, a pioneer in sustainable agriculture solutions, has introduced a groundbreaking line of eco-friendly pesticides aimed at revolutionizing pest management practices..

NGWALA Inventions Wins Prestigious Green Innovatio

NGWALA Inventions has been honored with the prestigious Green Innovation Award for their groundbreaking work in developing organic pesticides..

Farmers Report Record Yields with NGWALA Invention

The natural ingredients and innovative formulas of NGWALA's products have not only effectively controlled pests but also enhanced soil health and crop resilience..


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what does ngwala company deals with?

Ngwala Inventions Company deals with providing fertilizers, consulting services, agricultural services, and more. Ngwala Inventions Company provides a range of services including offering organic fertilizers, consulting services, agricultural services, and more. They also provide a company-issued card for farmers to use at dispensing machine locations, offer technical support for their machines, and do not charge for card registration.

where do I get this fertilizer?

You can get fertilizer from the industry where it is produced or through the dispensing machines by using a registered card where this machines are placed almost in every regions


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